Receivership Services

Long Gate steps in as the appointed officer of the court and quickly implements a plan to secure, preserve, stabilize, and liquidate a property through the following actions:

  • Work with counsel in drafting of court order
  • Take control of asset immediately upon appointment
  • Engagement and direct third-party property managers, leasing agents, and law firms
  • Preserve tenant base and income through proactive leasing efforts
  • Assure that cash, bank accounts, and other assets are safeguarded
  • Analyze and control operating expenses
  • Address deferred maintenance and life safety concerns
  • Engage sales agent and direct disposition of asset
  • Implement preventative maintenance program for building systems
  • Oversee capital improvements and asset enhancements
  • Address zoning and other violations
  • File comprehensive monthly reports with the court and interested parties
  • Ongoing communication with client regarding asset status, actions, and recommendations